by award-winning filmmakers Johan Carlsen and Micah Magee.
Fiction feature. Produced by Makrorama Productions.

Filming dates: July 25-Aug 31 Midwest; Oct 15-Nov 6 Atlantic City
Filming locations: Monticello IN; Urbana, IL; Toledo, OH; Atlantic City.
SAG ULB contract. Union and non-union actors, first-timers welcome.
Compensation for lead roles.


FORT WAYNE, Indiana.

1pm - 5pm,
Sunday June 24th.

To register, or if you missed the Chicago, New York, Toledo, Urbana or Watseka castings, call 210-355-2439, photo/reels/resume to

35 to 45 years old, male. Optimistic and easy going, hard to upset but dangerous when riled. Curious about the world outside his small town. Brilliant jeweller, good at carpentry which he learned from his dad. Struggling with the failure of his small jewellery business, mounting debt and general lack of success compared to his easy popularity in high school and college. Deeply loves his wife and child. Fatal flaw: pride.
35 to 45 years old, female. Kenneth’s wife and best friend. Fiercely committed to their small family and the idea of the two of them together. Feisty, hard-working, sweet and tough. Daddy’s girl. Freelance project manager (as well as freelance anything else that comes her way). Fatal flaw: trying to make everything all right.
7 to 15 years old, male or female. Only child of Kenneth and Sarah. Dreamy, smart, innocent. Enjoys the outdoors, sports. Not an outsider but still spends a lot of time alone. Likes animals, riding his/her bike, making forts in the forrest, playing with friends. Could like to be a scientist or veterinarian. Age will be variable based on the age of actors playing Kenneth and Sarah.
65 to 75 years old, male. Sarah’s father. Go-getter, ambitious, relatively successful. Good old boy network. Wants to make sure everything in his large and beautiful family is going as it should and can be irritated by the apparent complacency of his favourite daughter’s choice of mate.
65 to 85 years old, female. Friendly, trusting, open, well-educated. Picks Kenneth up on the road on her way to say goodbye to her terminally ill friend.
17 to 23 years old, female. Living on her own for the first time. Grew up with her single mom and two sisters without many men around. Has a romantic idea of perfect fairytale love, leading her to beautiful encounters but frequent disappointment when the buzz of the crush wears out. Likes Kenneth’s energy and physical appearance.

Casting SIDE CHARACTERS (all genders and ethnicities, age 6-86) as well as leads.


Monitcello, Indiana. Word has gotten out among the extended family that our hero Kenneth (40) is unemployed and looking for odd jobs. Kenneth's wife (and best friend) Sarah encourages him to try his luck in Toledo, leaving her and his young son, Adam, behind. His job interview there goes inevitably awry, but Kenneth decides to stay on in the city and find another job on his own terms. He eventually lands a gig at the university cafeteria as a dishwasher.

To save money, Kenneth checks out of his motel and sets up a camp in the Maumee woods. A bad day at work gets him fired from the cafeteria. He tries to divorce Sarah to set her free of his failures, but instead his father-in-law Clyde comes with a search party to hunt him down and bring him home.

Kenneth cuts ties with everything and hitchhikes East. On the road, Kenneth is picked up by Ruth, a senior citizen on her way to say goodbye to her terminally ill best friend. Kenneth accompanies her to the old folks' home, where he begins to fall apart. Ruth gives Kenneth $300, which he uses to take a bus to the casinos of Atlantic City.

In Atlantic City, Kenneth falls in rank with the city’s homeless. Still trying to keep things together, he works as a day laborer, sending anonymous Western Union checks back to Sarah and Adam. He has a slight affair with a young woman, CiCi, who pays attention to him on the bus. Frustrated with his inability to make any real money, Kenneth turns to crime. A robbery at a corner store goes badly for him. Kenneth is beaten, nearly to death. He wakes up in the hospital. To avoid being treated without health insurance, Kenneth drags his broken body out onto the sidewalk and plunges through layers of past and subconscious in a fever dream of battle, success, and love. Freed of expectation, Kenneth can finally make his way home.